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Commission Meeting at Hanoi, August 24, 2001

Meeting on Friday, 24/08/2001, 18:00

Attendance was so low that the meeting was moved to the restaurant of the Government Guest House. The small group discussed the two topics:

  1. Joint Symposia at Sapporo
    • The Earth's core: structure, evolution and the generation of the magnetic field (with IAGA, IAVCEI, perhaps Geodesy)
    • Mantle reservoirs constraints from geochemistry, seismology, mineral physics and geodynamics ( with IAVCEI).
    • There was a feeling that an additional symposium (probably with IAVCEI) should address questions of the upper mantle and transition zone, such as subduction and deep earthquakes, deep continent-ocean differences, generation of mantle melts, mapping of plumes in upper mantle, water in the transition zone etc- A good title has to be found.
    • Barbara has suggested a symposium on "Continuously excited free oscillation" (with IAMAS). There were some doubt if there would be a critical mass of speakers.
  2. There was a discussion on a possible task group on "Reference Earth Models". This could give some "official blessing" to the ongoing activities coordinated by Gabi Lashe ( who was present). Gabi thought that would be helpful and could attract people from outside the USA to participate. She would be the natural chairwoman for the task group.

Things I need to discuss with Barbara:

  • Exact title for joint symposia, keywords, possible convenors.
  • Members of the Commission on Earth Structure and Geodynamics to be appointed.
  • Members of the Task Group on Reference Earth Model ( in Coordination with Gabi, if she is going to be chairwoman)

Uli Christiansen