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Activities Plan for 2002

  • To establish ASC Website (ASC President office, Yerevan, Armenia)
  • To establish ASC Newsletter (South Korea)
  • To organize the ASC meeting in 2002 (Nepal), as a "Symposium on Seismology, Earthquake Hazard and Seismic Risk Mitigation" (instead of Management proposed in Hanoi) with following sessions:
    • Earthquake Source Physics, Process, precursors and Predictions.
    • Recent Devastating Earthquakes, Strong Ground Motion and Early Warning, Hazard Assessment and Risk Management.
    • Stress field, Seismotectonics, Paleoearthquake, Focal mechanisms, GPS.
    • Heatflow, Volcanology, Lithosphere and Structure of the Earth's Interior.
    • Recent trends in seismic network, Data processing and exchange.
    • Public Awareness, Education, Training and social expects of strong earthquakes.
  • To prepare ASC projects building up the strength of IASPEI programs in Asia via ASC:
    • Seismic Risk Assessment in Asia (in cooperation with IASPEI Commission on Earthquake Hazard, Risk and Strong Ground Motion)
    • The Asian cities at highest earthquake risk:
      • Several cities' identification in Asian countries with different economical power (from poor to high);
      • Multidisciplinary risk reduction plan development;
      • Hazard and risk assessment;
      • Built environment vulnerability reduction;
      • Early warning, public education and training;
      • other aspects of risk reduction development and implementation (in cooperation with IASPEI commissions on: Earthquake Hazard, Risk and Strong Ground Motion, Seismological Observation and Interpretation, Earthquake Sources-Prediction and Modeling, and Education and Outreach).
    • The ASC Virtual Net development (to involve all Asian National Centers into a united Virtual Net of Centers for seismic risk reduction in Asian Countries ):
      • Virtual data base development in all fields of risk reduction;
      • Data exchange and shearing protocol establishment;
      • Establishment of the virtual net of ASC experts for all fields related to risk reduction (hazard and risk assessment, built environment vulnerability reduction, early warning and notification, etc) in cooperation with ASC commissions on: Earthquake Hazard, Risk and Strong Motion; Seismological Observation and Interpretation; Earthquake Sources - Prediction and Modeling; Education and Outreach).
    • The ASC and ESC cooperation plan development (in cooperation with ESC).